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  PECS Experiment Arrangement - Appendices 1, 2

PECS Experiment Arrangement
Guideline for the preparation of its Appendices 1 (Work Description) and 2 (Financial Plan)

Part I: The Work Description. Appendix 1

1) Work Description:

The Work Description is to identify the Project, i.e. the work in execution of which reimbursable cost will be incurred by the Institute during the term of the Experiment Arrangement.
Length: One page should be sufficient but in no way be regarded as a firm limit.

2) Distinctions as to ‘who’ and ‘when’:

The work to be carried by the Institute and to be paid for by ESA under the Experiment Arrangement (the Project) is to be clearly separated from the work to be carried out by others (if the latter is mentioned at all).
Project activities to be carried out during the term specified in the Experiment Arrangement must be clearly separated from work outside said term (if the latter is mentioned at all).

3) Compatibility with other Applicable Documents:

Subject to 1)- 2) above the Work Description must correspond to the work description submitted to the relevant national authority in support of the Financial Plan.

Part II: The Financial Plan. Appendix 2 (see figure 1)

1) Content
The Financial Plan’s minimum content will encompass:

a) Title of the Project and identification of the Institute
b) Cost categories such as:
- Salaries and names of employees
- Travel
- Miscellaneous
- Equipment ? 5000 Euro
c) Amounts.
Please note that as of 1.1.00 all figures should be mentioned in Euro.
d) Time periods

[Ideally this Appendix will be a copy of the document which was approved by the Delegation.]

2) Equipment > 5000 Euro.

This category should not be integrated in the Financial Plan below, but listed under, since the equipment may be available via PECS Office by means of placing a Purchase Order, hence saving the VAT cost for the Institute. (See figure 2)

Work Description Appendix 1

Overall Objective (mission):

Role of the Institute (Principal / Co-Investigator for ...):

Project term (to be) covered by the PECS Experiment Arrangement:
Starting date:
End date:

Brief description of Main Tasks:

Project output at the end of the term specified in the PECS Experiment Arrangement in terms of :
- hardware:

- software:

- documents:

Major Milestones (if any):













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