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  Space Generation Congress



Apply to The Space Generation Congress now!
Application Deadline is August 14, 2003.

The Space Generation Congress (SGC) will be a meeting of approximately 200 international young delegates to develop their plans for the future utilization and exploration of space. It shall expand on the recommendations previously generated at previous similar meetings - Space Generation Forum (at UNISPACE III)in 1999 in Vienna, and Space Generation Summit in Houston 2002 - and begin to develop implementation strategies for these recommendations.

The Space Generation Congress is being held over the weekend of September 26-28th in conjunction with the International Astronautical Congress (IAC).

Students and young professionals between the ages of 18-35 who have an interest in space and space policy are encouraged to apply. We encourage applications from women and citizens from developing countries.

SGC in Bremen, Germany will enable the Working Groups to meet in person to work on their respective projects, and present their work to their colleagues and the international space community gathered at the IAC. The Working Groups will assist the work of the United Nations Action Teams that each have a focus on one of the UNISPACE III recommendations. Delegates will work together in on-line Forums in the months preceeding the congress.

The Working Groups and their topics are:

WG 8: Promote literacy and enhance rural education through tele-education
WG 17: Enhancing capacity- building through the development of: human and budgetary resources,the training and professional development of teachers, the exchange of teaching methods, materials and experience and the development of infrastructure and policy regulations
WG 21: Provide education opportunities for youth to learn more about space science & technology and participate in space activities

Knowledge & information-sharing
WG 9: Improve knowledge-sharing through the promotion of universal access to space-based communication services
WG 18: Increase awareness among decision makers and the general public of the importance of space activities
WG 20: Improve the sharing of information on and use of spin-offs from space activities

WG 1: Develop a comprehensive, world-wide environmental monitoring strategy
WG 2: Improve the management of Earth's natural resources
WG 7: Implement an integrated, global system to manage natural disaster mitigation, relief and prevention efforts

WG 6: Improve public health services
WG 11: Promote sustainable develpmnt by applying results of space research
WG 14: Improve int.coordination of activities related to near-Earth objec ts
WG 32: Identify new and innovative sources of financing to support the implementation of UNISPACE III recommendations
WG PH: To develop a Space Ethics & Philosophy Handbook

This event is facilitated by the Space Generation Advisory Council in support of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications (SGAC) - the body through which students' and young professionals' views are brought to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN COPUOS).

Application Deadline is August 14, 2003.

All people are invited to take part in the online discussions:

For more information please visit the Website

For additional information:

Space Generation Congress Organizing Committee

Jim Volp (Project Manager)
Julia Tizard (Assistant Project Manager)
Chris Boshuizen (Assistant Project Manager)
Mwiinga Nchimunya (Finance Committee Co-ordinator)
Alexandra Nikolova (Delegates Committee Co-ordinator)
Giuseppe Ottavianelli (Publicity Committee Co-ordinator)
Edoardo Patriarca (Publicity Committee Co-ordinator)
Nishi Rawat (Programme Committee Co-ordinator)
Vinod Devanathan (Local Committee Co-ordinator)
Lorna Slater (Webmaster)













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